Gloom - Age, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Nationality, Facts (2024)

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    • 0.1 Gloom is a famous YouTuber, TikTok Star, and social media personality from Canada. Gloom gained popularity by uploading fun challenges, lifestyle content, and TikTok challenges on her YouTube channel named Gloom with 7.39M subscribers.
  • 1 Early Life and Childhood
  • 2 Gloom – Education
  • 3 Career and Professional Life
  • 4 Brand Endorsem*nts
  • 5 Awards and Nomination
  • 6 Gloom – Net Worth 2024
  • 7 Relationship Status
  • 8 Scandal
  • 9 Body Measurements
  • 10 Social Media

Gloom is a famous YouTuber, TikTok Star, and social media personality from Canada. Gloom gained popularity by uploading fun challenges, lifestyle content, and TikTok challenges on her YouTube channel named Gloom with 7.39M subscribers.

Early Life and Childhood

YouTuber Gloom was born on 19 December 1990, in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Currently, she is 31years old and her real name is Kassima Isabelle, and her nickname is Gloom.

There is no information about her parents and professions. And she has two siblings but their name is unknown. She is delighted with her family members and loves to spend quality time with her family. Also, her family supports her in her career. Maybe she will give details about her family to the public in the future. At that time, we will update her here.

There is no information available like how she spent her childhood, who was her friends, her behavior with others, and so on. All the information about her childhood is secret and she is Canadian by nationality. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, her religion is Christian and her ethnicity is Chinese, Malay Singaporean, British, and Italian Descent.

Gloom – Education

There is no information available about the name of the school and college she studied at. She was very interested in acting since childhood and she used to participate in programs related to acting.

There is no information available about how she was with her teachers and pals and her interest in studies and so on. Maybe in the future, she will give details related to her educational background at that time, and we will update her here.

Career and Professional Life

Vy is a trendy YouTuber, TikTok Star, Instagrammer, and Social Media Influencer. She began her career as a YouTuber by uploading beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content on her YouTube channel. Plus, uploads different content videos with her husband on TikTok.


On YouTube, she has 7.39 M subscribers, and her latest videos were uploaded one year ago and got 11M views, the video was about “Signing Off”. Currently, she is not active on social media but the reason is unknown. She uploads her images on Instagram and is active there. Her popular and most viewed video on YouTube such as“KINDERGARTEN 2 kids are MESSED UP 👶 Missions 1-6 Completed Playthrough”, got 25M views. “MY FUNNY TIKTOK MEMES w/ Azzyland” got 24M views, and “I MAILED MYSELF AND IT WORKED” got 24M views.

“WHAT’S IN THE BOX CHALLENGE (FREAK OUT) with Azzyland!” got 23M views, “WHAT’S IN THE BOX CHALLENGE (EXOTIC ANIMALS) with Azzyland!” got 23M views, “Trying “Funny” DIY PRANKS on My Friend Azzyland” got 22M views, and “My Baby Meets Azzy’s Daughter 👶 NEW Snapchat Filters” got 18M views.

“We Tried the DEATH STRAW Challenge /w @AzzyLand” got 17M views, “DONT TRUST FALL into the WRONG POOL!” got 39M views, “My Baby Shares Trick or Treat Haul with Azzy’s Daughter” got 17M views, and “How Dirty Is Your Body Under A Microscope /w Azzyland” got 15M views. These all videos are her famous videos on YouTube.


Day by day Gloom’s fan following is increasing on her Instagram account. On Instagram, she uploads amazing photos and reels. Looking at his pictures, we can see that she is enjoying her life and earning good profits from her brand endorsem*nt.

Due to her cute face and amazing body as well as attractive photos, she is gaining popularity on Instagram. Her dressing style attracts people and due to her style, she is gaining fans more and more.

Additionally, her Instagram profile is interesting and she has uploaded lots of reels and images. On Instagram, she has 557K followers has followed 354 people and has uploaded 450 posts.

Kassie began her career in her early days. Within a short time, she progressed in her job and was able to influence people through her work and gain widespread notoriety. YouTuber Kassie’s professional path eventually came full circle as she rose in popularity. She gained not just international fame but also fame in her native Canada.


On her TikTok, she has 2.4 M followers and 24.6 M likes on her total TikTok videos and millions of views. She has uploaded lots of videos on TikTok “Doing a naughty thing with the most wholesome person I know @azzyland”, which got 2.2M likes and 10.6M views. “my bro made a cover of this song from scratch so I could use it on YouTube 😅” got 541.7K likes and 4.1M views.

“Wore my invisibility cloak one day, could never find it after that” which got 561.5K likes and 3.7M views. “boys wanna play with my cellphone but I don’t want nobody to see what’s in it” got 715.8K likes and 4.1M views in that video.

“based on a true story except five of us drank it and there was only one bathroom” got 379.4K likes and 2.3M views and “Don’t try to watch euphoria with your family” got 453.1K likes and 3.1M views. “it’s just that easy”, got 2.1K views. “1 like = 1 date… aha just kidding.. unless?got 3.2M views. Her videos are famous on TikTok and she also earns lots of money from TikTok Live.

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Caption: Gloom in her YouTube video (Source YouTube)

Brand Endorsem*nts

She endorsed some brands and promoted their products. The brand endorsem*nt is also her primary source of income and she earned lots of profits from her brand endorsem*nt.

She endorsed and promoted the products of brands such as Hairbyjamiebaby, Callula Co, and so on. Maybe in the future, she will promote the products of other brands and at that time, we will update her here.

Awards and Nomination

There is no information available about awards and nominations of her. She is a famous YouTuber, Tiktoker, and Instagrammer, as well as a social media influencer but till now she has not received any awards or nominations. She has a great future ahead and has lots of chances to win many awards and nominations.

Gloom – Net Worth 2024

The estimated value of hernet worth is $11 million. Her work as a YouTuber, brand endorsem*nt, TikToker, Instagrammer, and Social media personality is her primary source of income. As of right now, her monthly, weekly, and yearly salaries are unknown.

She now enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and various expensive vehicles thanks to sales and excellent jobs. If she provides her weekly, yearly, and monthly salaries then we will update her here.

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Caption: Gloom in her car posing for a photo with her dog (Source Instagram)

Relationship Status

Gloom is not married or engaged but she is dating Teebs Liebersteen, a social media star. Her date history has been verified and fact-checked. She is maintaining her private life and concentrating on her profession.

She only wants someone who will be in a serious relationship and loves her for a lifetime and she found that quality in her boyfriend Teebs. They are so happy together and their images are uploaded to their Instagram account.


Even Qwaint’s professional life is kept private, as is any information about her. Plus, she has the skills to manage both his personal and business lives, and she has never disclosed any information to the public.

Additionally, Qwaint’has has never been the focus of any controversies or speculations, and she is a famous YouTuber, Tiktoker, Instagrammer, and social media influencer.

Body Measurements

Her actual height is 5 feet 8 inches and her weight is also 60 kg. According to her images, her hair color is brown and silky, and her eyes are also attractive and brown.

Her body type is slim with a great personality and other body measurements like biceps, chest, and waist, are 32-30-34 inches. She is concerned about her body but takes a proper diet and she has clear and fair skin.

Social Media

She is active on social media. On Instagram, she has 557 K followers and has followed 354 people there as well as she has posted 450 posts. Her Instagram account is marked with a blue checkmark with the username “gloomykassie”.

She is active on Facebook where she has 4.4K followers with the username Gloom. We find her Twitter account where she has 231.5K followers and has followed 454 people. Plus, she is active on TikTok, with 2.4M followers and 24.6M likes on TikTok. On YouTube, she has 7.39 M subscribers.

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Gloom - Age, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Nationality, Facts (2024)


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