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Gloom (real name Kassima Isabelle) is a Canadian YouTuber known for her entertaining vlogs and gaming videos. She rose to fame via her first channel, CloudyApples, which she launched in 2011. She took a two-year break from posting and returned after two years to great success. The CloudyApples channel still exists with over 500K subscribers, but it’s been four years since Gloom last updated it.

Kassima created her gaming and commentary channel, GloomGames, in 2015. As her following grew, she changed the channel’s name to Gloom and diversified her content to include skits and vlogs. Like most famous online gamers, Gloom’s latest content revolves around the mystery game, Among Us.

This piece will look at Gloom’s life. We can confirm that she is not married.

Gloom and her fiancé Terry dated for 10 years before Terry proposed

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Gloom and her boyfriend Terry met due to her older brother. Terry spent a lot of time around Gloom’s household due to his close friendship with Gloom’s brother. Gloom felt attracted to Terry because of his effortless humor. She stated in a September 2016 Q&A that she seized the initiative and asked him out:

“It’s something that a lot of guys have. It’s like a certain energy that guys have that they are not trying to impress you – that they are just naturally funny. They might make jokes that are not funny but they don’t wait for you to laugh. When I first met Terry, he wasn’t trying to catch my eye, he wasn’t trying to make me laugh. He was just being himself and I was just naturally attracted to him. I was the one who asked Terry out.”

Terry drastically improved the quality of Gloom’s life as he supported what she did and was a constant source of joy and support in her life. As the years rolled on, the couple discussed marriage, but Gloom emphasized to Terry that he shouldn’t propose until he felt ready. In the couple’s engagement announcement video, Terry revealed that he’d planned to pop the question way at the age of 24, but his bleak financial situation stood in the way.

In 2019, Terry secretly started designing a ring for Gloom. He contacted Gloom’s friends to help him come up with a special ring for his decade-long girlfriend. Gloom almost sniffed out the covert operation a couple of times, but Terry always knew how to steer her away from the scent.

Terry planned to propose during a scheduled summer vacation in Singapore. However, the couple ended up traveling to Cuba where they had an experience to forget. Terry eventually rented out an art gallery and asked Gloom for her hand in marriage. Gloom concluded her the couple’s announcement video by expressing her delight at the engagement:

“Long story short, I am very happy to be engaged. This is one of those things that I never thought would happen to me and I never thought I would find somebody who accepts me the way Terry does. So that very cool because I am a very crazy person and Terry still loves me.”

Gloom lost a sister to clinical depression, and at times, she struggles with her mental health

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Gloom was born on 19th December 1990 in Canada. She grew up alongside an older brother and a younger sister. People started commenting about Gloom’s withdrawn personality early on in her life. She felt happiest alone, and for the time that her family lived in Asia, she didn’t feel that much different.

However, upon the family’s return to Canada, everything changed. Gloom’s personality and mixed ethnicity made her a target for bullies. Unbeknown to Gloom, her sister was going through the same thing. When she found out, Gloom and her sister found comfort and strength in their common struggle. Their bond grew ever stronger as they discovered that they shared common interests and a common mental health condition, clinical depression.

Gloom and her sister dealt with their conditions in different ways. The popular gamer learned how to overcome her mental health issues without medication, but her sister found it difficult to live without taking her meds. One time, she needed hospitalization after overdosing on anti-depression pills. She survived that overdose, but a short while later, Gloom’s sister committed suicide.

Gloom took comfort in the overwhelming messages sent by her sister’s friends about how supportive her sister was in helping them overcome their issues. She unselfishly helped others while overwhelmed by her personal battles:

“Despite my sister’s demons, so many people reached out and told me that she saved them from hurting themselves. One of my closest friends owes his life to my sister. She helped so many people out of their dark vices, but she never prioritized herself. She took time with others and threw quick fixes at herself.”

Gloom regularly speaks out about mental health on social media in attempts to sensitize people about the complex nature of mental health conditions. She debunks myths and misconceptions and calls out bad advice relating to the subject. On 9th March 2020, she tweeted:

“It’s pretty patronizing when influencers tell people with depression or anxiety to ‘choose positivity’. Hard to do that when you’re overwhelmed to the point where you are dissociating. Telling people to ‘cheer up’ is not a grounding technique.”

Gloom has been in relationships with boys her whole life, but after deep introspection she concluded that she is pansexual

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In 2018, an interesting, but somewhat rude question by a fan forced Gloom to think about her sexual identity. Previously, Gloom hadn’t felt the need to address her sexuality because the subject didn’t bother her. Furthermore, she considered sexuality to be something inherently personal. She’d exclusively dated boys, but she couldn’t deny that she’d felt attracted to some of the girls in her life. Gloom even revealed that she’d kissed some of the girls that she had feelings for.

Gloom posted a ‘coming out’ video detailing that she wasn’t a lesbian, nor did she feel like the term bisexual fit right. She felt more comfortable identifying as pansexual:

“I feel like in the past I’ve never thought of gender and sex in terms of me being attracted to someone and wanting to spend every waking second with them. It’s always been: I like people that I like, and I don’t think that gender or sex has ever gotten in the way of that. What I am trying to say here is, I believe, with almost certainty – sexuality is a weird thing, and I don’t quite know – that I am pansexual.”

Is Gloom Married? All you need to know about Kassie Isabelle - TheNetline (2024)


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