MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (2024)

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (1)JOYCE NEWELL
2024-01-10 03:06:42 GMT

Everything has been very up front. I'm new and everyone is so nice, helpful and easy to communicate with. People at the distribution sites and online are responsive. Customers have to be careful to research and look carefully to make sure that we aren't caught off guard by conditions or contents. I've gotten great deals and I've spent a lot of money. Even after the bid, commission, lot fee and tax, I've still spent less than buying new items. So far all but 2 things have been as expected. I will take back an item tomorrow and see how that goes.
I really appreciate the employees in person and online being more than just a processing hub that I can't contact.

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (2)Tracy Namous
2024-03-26 21:20:23 GMT

Fast friendly service! Clean and organized! 1 of my favorites!

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (3)Emily Neal
2022-08-30 14:02:14 GMT

My husband and I are frequent buyers from this location and we always have a positive experience while there. The staff is hard working, friendly and more than willing to help if you ask. The layout is very easy to navigate. Parking lot is large and easy for loading your product. Great place with great deals if you know when to stop bidding!

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (4)Tracie Mckelvey
2024-02-08 17:14:27 GMT

I love this place, go to the Warren and Boardman locations. Remodeling got a marble top bathroom sink, vanity and much other furniture and stuff. Everything is priced very well and saved some money. Warren is my favorite, everyone is especially friendly and helpful. Highly recommend you check it out !

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (5)Jessica Giusti
2023-07-28 02:36:13 GMT

This was my first time driving to the Boardman location, I usually go to the Akron location. Everyone was so nice and helpful, very big warehouse. It was a nice scenic drive with my girls.

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (6)David Koch
2024-01-25 14:15:49 GMT

First time can be slightly intimidating because there are so many people coming and going with their deals! The staff makes everything great and helps in every way. It’s not like walking into a big box store where you can search for an elusive employee to help direct to a particular product. Nope, employees are everywhere at MacBid.

The process is simple and getting in and out is a flash 99.9% of the time. Still never stood in line for longer than a couple of minutes - the checkout peeps really have their s#it together.

Lastly, pay attention to the product description and look at the pics carefully. If ever a doubt, inspect it prior or take out the insurance. Then you’ll have all the confidence you need.

One other thing I found out was “Open Box” can mean used. Keep that in mind for items like trash cans and items people would try and send back for some reason. Again, inspect prior if in doubt.

Happy dealing….

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (7)Despina Zembillas
2024-02-07 16:55:08 GMT

I have been a customer of Macbid since May of 2022. The warehouse allows for inspection of products before you bid. They are open box items so sometimes they are fine and others they are not. You also have the option of getting assurance on most items. You can research the products online from the link they provide you . Most of the time it’s the exact item. This way you have an idea of how high to bid in order for it to be a deal. I have saved money in the long run for myself and have given gifts to others as well. They are fair about returns if the item is incorrect in the description from the item you received they will refund you even if you didn’t buy the assurance. The staff in boardman are great!

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (8)Paul Grayson
2024-02-23 22:40:07 GMT

Love shopping on the app and coming here to pick up items after work. Friendly and helpful staff. The building is easy to navigate and instructions are clear after you've been there for your first time.

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (9)Sara Coinin
2024-01-22 20:27:21 GMT

I would like to add to my 5 star review to say that when I went in I was given a friendly greeting, while searching was asked if I needed help, got friendly answers when I later asked for help and multiple employees stopped to help me load heavy items on my cart without me asking for help. Then in the parking lot an employee ran over to my van to assist me loading and took my cart back. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I truly appreciated it.

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (10)Angie Elenis
2024-02-06 04:48:02 GMT

I like to use the search and pick-up location features on M@C Discount to find products that I am in the market for. Then I use the Research Product Online link to direct me to detailed information about the item. But, I’ve also gone to the pick up location to inspect items before bidding. For pallets, I rely on the detailed description list. The Turbo Clock Auctions are an exciting way to bid on items. So far, I’ve benefited from savings on items that I’ve purchased for my kitchen, living room, toy room, bedroom, garage and garden.

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (11)Kris Mayberry
2024-02-07 16:13:39 GMT

Great coustemer service! Julie M was awesome helping me, she was very kind & professional & took care of the situation completely ! 5 star rating to her & MAC for hiring competent employees!

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (12)Ashley Span
2024-01-02 00:32:23 GMT

My husband and I use M@C a lot! Most items are in excellent condition and worth bidding on. The staff is very helpful and the warehouse is organized. Convenient hours and locations!

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (13)Jodi Hoppel
2023-09-25 15:06:58 GMT

The staff is always friendly and helpful! I have always had a great experience with my dealings in Boardman. For the most part it is an easy in and out if you are picking up a regular item. The back area where you have to pick up smaller items, there is always a wait (at least in my experiences there). I have personally waited as long as 20 minutes in line. You do have to consider that it is a big busy warehouse and the employees work as fast as they can to get you in and out. 😊

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (14)Marilyn McKelvey
2024-02-07 21:29:39 GMT

Been buying for over a year, everything I bought prices are good, everything is like new. Things that are open box can be inspected before buying. Warren store employees are very friendly and helpful.

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (15)Jaye B
2024-02-06 23:10:16 GMT

MacBid for the win! I had been watching this mirror for awhile on Amazon and it popped up on the auction. Well that's a no-brainer and I got it for over 70% off what I would have on Amazon or at a store (I also bought my rug there as well 🤣). Everyone at the Boardman location was so helpful and courteous, couldn't ask for more from the employees. I will definitely continue to do business here. Thanks for such a positive experience MacBid

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (16)Isolation Overland
2024-02-06 07:29:09 GMT

I have now visited 4 of Mac Discounts facilities. This one by far is the cleanest with the best organization. Check in and check out locations are well marked. Isles and slots are well marked. The staff is friendly and helpful.

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (17)Monique Alexandria
2023-10-19 22:34:08 GMT

Love this place, just be aware some items are damaged and they do a good job stating that, you need to read everything on the description, and open box means just that: it is open box. Could be missing pieces, used or damaged. You are also able to take insurance out on such occurances. I have never done that and never had an issue, but I do know other who have. I do not buy many appliances/ electronics/ more expensive items; if I did, I would.Very clean and friendly helpful staff.

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (18)Michelle Scoville
2024-04-02 22:10:06 GMT

A solid year of enjoying Boardman M@c.

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (19)Melissa Ingram
2023-11-04 20:37:35 GMT

I really like shopping m@cbid. Their prices are amazing. I am fortunate to shop Akron, Canton, Boardman and Warren stores. YinzBinz is also great can't wait till I make it there again!

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (20)Deanna Fowler
2024-01-05 16:05:17 GMT

I am new to this site and so far I am loving all the prices and products. I even had to call customer service for something and the gentleman on the line was very helpful and nice.

MAC.BID - Boardman, Poland Reviews (2024)


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